Dolphins I Have Known

Signed limited edition series of color and hand-painted black and white photographs. These Bottlenose Dolphin "portraits" were shot in the turquoise waters off the Bahamas The hand-painted images are sold as Gicleé prints and the color photographs are available as high gloss Ilfochrome™ prints.

Dolphin Dreamer
16"x 20"
20"x 24"
Rainy Day Dolphin
16"x 20"
20"x 24"
Mother and Child
21"x 24.5"
30"x 35.5"
18"x 28"
Celestial Dolphins (diptych / 2 separate images)
Prices do not include mat or frame.
2 - 16"x 20"
2 - 20"x 24"

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